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The Stairway to Heaven: Hawaii

The Haiku Stairs of Hawaii is also known as the Stairway to Heaven and has one of thee most breathtaking views on the planet. The stairs were originally installed during World War II so military could access a radio station antennae that sat roughly 2,000 feet up in the mountains.
Even with all the restrictions, it doesn’t stop the thrill seekers, they say it’s worth the risk of being arrested. There are many parts to the hike that are pretty terrifying, but one of the scariest moments are early on, when you’re forced to climb a ladder vertically up a steep mountain. And I’m telling you, the view is absolutely worth it!
Now the sad part just recently a powerful storm damaged most of the stairs making it now almost completely inaccessible in some spots, the entire fate of the stairs is now up in the air unless community organizations come together to fix it.

People usually begin their treks early morning when It’s still dark so they can catch the sunrise.
The steps up the steep mountain actually use to be all made of wood, if you can believe it. However, in the mid 1950’s those wooden steps were replaced with sections of metal steps and ramps totaling approximately 3,922. Just imagine walking around on wooden steps, that would be even more terrifying.


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