Travel Hawaii

Travel Hawaii: Things to do in Oahu

Go to a Luau
A big part of Hawaii’s culture is Oahu’s identiity and the Luaus at Paradise Cove. This takes people back in time by creating authentic experiences that show how the Hawaiian people ate, lived and celebrated. You can particpate in activities like stringing a lei weaving a headband and throwing a spear whilst learning about the Hawaiian history.
In Hawaiian, “luau” means to feast and you’ll be eating food such as lomi salmon cold tomato and salmon salad, taro bread rolls, cold haupia which is a coconut jello dessert, and juicy kalua pork. After eating, sit back and relax as entertainers showcase Hawaiian music and hula’s progression throughout the decades.
Iolani Palace
During the late 1890’s, Hawaii was ruled by a monarchy and Iolani Palace was found to be the official residence of tyhe Royal Bloods , King Kalakaua and his sister and successor, Queen Liliuokalani. Take a walk through the corridors of the only royal palace on United States soil and imagine royal balls with dancing and music in the throne room, feasts in the state dining room. Visitors get6 to see the private chambers of the royal family, as well as a room where the king used to play cards.
The Sunrise and Sunset
Hawaii is know for it’s warm beaches. It’s always a great time to bask in the sun and take a dip in the sea. The beaches here have all that and the view yoiu get is extraordinary. It is a very peaceful place and theview of the Sunrise and the Sunset is very serene.
Learn to Surf
Hawaii can be one of the ebst places to learn how to surf and conmplete that life long dream of yours. Gone Surfing Hawaii is a fully-licensed and insured surf school with a team of qualified instructors. Everyone has a different way of learning and Gone Surfing offers private group classes.

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