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Travel Positano, amalfi Coast: Things to do

Positano is a cliff side village on southern Italy’s Amalfi Coast. It’s a well-known holiday destination with a pebble beachfront and steep, narrow streets lined with boutiques and cafes.It is famous for its colorful buildings and restaurants. The village of Positano is home to tiny, winding roads that run down to the sea and are lined with restaurants, shops, and cute boutique hotels. Count this place under one of the most photogenic places you’ll eve come across. It is a popular destination for couples looking for a romantic getaway as well as families and groups of people stopping through on day tours.If you would like to spend a few days in this magical town, there are quite a few things you can do here.

Check in at the Hotel Morincanto

Hotel Morincanto, Image via Google

The view from the Hotel make it a a destination in itself. The best thing about it was the amazing view of the ocean and city. Breakfast is included in your stay and can be served on your balcony at no extra charge, or in the beautiful Terrace Restaurant, which also serves lunch, dinner, and drinks. Built into a cliff, Hotel Morincanto offers something new and beautiful around every corner.

Wandering Positano

Positano is the perfect walking city. You can spend  hours wandering the winding roads of the village and exploring the beach path that hugs the mountainside which ends up at the watch tour castles which are now for luxury vacation renting. Every turn brings something new and exciting into view. As you wander through Positano, the

charm of this otherworldly town is breathtaking!


Positano Castle, Image via Google



In the village center, there are tons of cute clothing boutiques, ceramic shops, souvenir shops, and art galleries. Crochet and white linen dresses, tops, and pants can be found everywhere as well as lemon candy, lemon soap, lemon scented perfume, limoncello, and pretty much anything you want.

Positano Shopping, Image via Google

Eat amazing Italian Food

Restaurant in Positano, Image via Google

Italian food is famous everywhere in the world. But nothing like having the  authentic Italian food in Italy. There many restaurants you could choose to dine in. they’re all very good with their food and adorable in looks.


So these are a few things you could do during your stay there or even plan a stay in Positano because who wouldn’t want to?

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