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Travel Switzerland: Things you need to know about the Beautiful Country

The great thing about visiting Switzerland is the fact you can go from its largest city in the south, Geneva, to its largest city in the north, Zurich in under 2 hours and 45 minutes by train. Everything else in-between is a short train ride away, making it one of the most accessible countries for tourists. It’s proximity by train to Germany and France make it a great country to visit even if it’s only for a few days.

Do your research and figure out which cities you want to visit and then plan your trip accordingly to travel north towards Zurich or South towards Geneva. You’ll find you have the most options to fly out of Switzerland from Zurich so my recommendation would be to finish there.


                                                     Zurich, Switzerland Image via Google

Scenic Views

Switzerland is a country that offers countless view points of it’s cities and landscapes making it a must do on your trip. Do some easy research to figure out what each city you’re visiting has to offer so you can truly take in the beautiful Swiss scenery.

A few of my recommendations: in Zurich head to the top of Üetliberg mountain by train (40 minutes), in Lucerne head to the top of one of the four towers surrounding the city and in Geneva climb to the top of Saint-Pierre Cathedral. All three options will only set you back a few dollars while giving you fantastic views of each city and the surrounding area.

Different Language in every City!

When traveling throughout Switzerland be prepared to encounter citizens that speak different languages depending on what city you’re visiting. Switzerland has four national languages with three of them heavily spoken in various regions of the country. German is predominantly spoken in the north, centre and eastern regions of Switzerland, with French (west) and Italian (south) making up the rest of the countries language regions.

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Explore The Swiss Alps

A trip to Switzerland isn’t complete unless you get to take in the breathtaking views of the Swiss Alps. You’ll have a handful of options when it comes to exploring one of the mountains in the Alps so study up and choose wisely.

Mount Titlis is a great option and where I ultimately decide to journey to. To get to the top of Titlis, you’ll have to travel to a small village town of Engelberg, which is nestled in the mountain valleys making it a very welcome bonus to your trip. Mount Pilatus is another very popular mountain thats a quick trip from Lucerne, one of Switzerland’s most visited cities.

The Alps, Switzerland Image via Google

Has the Biggest Waterfall in Europe

One of my favourite aspects of Switzerland is the natural beauty it offers at every corner. The Rhine Falls, just north of Zurich, are an amazing visit that everyone should include in their itinerary. The biggest waterfall in Europe lives up to the hype with great view points and access areas to get right into the heart of the waterfall. Entry is only 5 CHF with various boat rides to the top of the waterfall costing 15 CHF.

The Hotels are fantastic!

You won’t find a better hotel experience anywhere in Europe when it comes to amenities and customer service. 3 Star hotels are decked out like 5 star resorts. From free transit passes during your stay (Geneva policy), to a free mini bar (Lucerne!) and spacious beautiful rooms with complimentary breakfast and WiFi (everywhere!) you’ll be wishing all hotels stepped there game up like the Swiss.

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