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3 BEST Activities to do in Tulum, Mexico

Rent a Luxury Villa

Tulum is a unique mixture of natural beauty, culture and fine dine which makes it the perfect place to travel! You could choose a hotel but for the ultimate in privacy, I suggest looking up Mexico Beach Rentals and booking a villa for a tropical getaway like no other. Most villas come with rain showers, private pools and spacious bedrooms. What else do you need?

Indulge in a spot of Fine Dining

Hartwood – this iconic restaurant has made quite a name for itself in these parts. You can ask anyone for the best Fine Dine restaurant, and they’ll lead you straight to this one!They work on a reservation basis. Hartwood’s menu features a range of BBQ specialities and local flavours crop in dishes like ceviché and lobster salad.

Explore the Bohemian Tulum Pueblo

Tulum first gained popularity as a bohemian town in mexico. Along with times, a lot has changed, you’ll find hotels and restaurants in almost all corners of Tulum. It has it’s streets lined up with Boutiques, Yoga Studios and Artsy Bars.

So if you ever think of travelling to Mexico, you know where and what the best visiting spots are!

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