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Travel Barcelona: Tips and places to visit in Barcelona

So, it’s your first time visiting Barcelona and you have no idea whatsoever about where you should be going and what you should be doing? Well, here is the answer! This is a quick guide to places you can visit and the activities you can do when you visit this timeless Mediterranean City!


They very first place you should visit is the Gothic Quarter which is the center of the old city of Barcelona. It was primarily built in the late 19th and 20th century although most buildings are medieval.

                                                        Barcelona Gothic quarter, Carrer del Bisbe, Image viaGgoogle

The Cathedral of the Holy Cross and Saint Eulalia

Also known and the Barcelona Cathedral,it is the is the Gothic Cathedral and seat of the Archbishop of Barcelona, Spain. The cathedral was constructed from the 13th to 15th centuries, with the principal work done in the 14th century.

                                                                Barcelona Cathedral, Image via Google


Formerly known as the “House of Bones” is a renowned building located in the centre of Barcelona and is one of Antoni Gaudi’s masterpieces. A remodel of a previously built house, it was redesigned in 1904 by Gaudí and has been refurbished several times after that.

House of Bones, Barcelona

                                                                         Image via Google


Have a drink at the Bar Marsella, the oldest in the city, and once  a second home to Hemingway.

Bar Marsella, Image via Google


Get a bird’s eye view of the city from the Montjuic Cable Cars Teleferic de Montjuic.

Image via

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