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Travel New York: Catskill Mountains

This geographical feature lying in the South-Eastern New York state, which is also  a two hour drive from New York City, is known for the Catskill Forest Reserve. It’s very rich in natural beauty and is known also for it’s wildlife.It has hiking trails and ski resorts to visit and experience it’s complete beauty in.


Away from the city’s hustle and chaos, Catskills is the ideal place for a perfect weekend getaway. There are tons of things to do, such as hiking, skiing and all sorts of adventurous sports along with the festivals that are held. Organic food, and farm-to-plate food which is fresh food straight from the farm into your plate.

In autumn, the days are warm, the nights cool and the countryside fiery with colour, with none of the humidity of the city. Temperatures drop sharply in October. September is the best month to pay a visit to this beautiful place!

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