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Travel Mumbai: Graffiti Walls

In today’s era, we find the youth going out into the world and finding out the things they like to do and doing the best to achieve it. One of the most upcoming interest amongst the youth is photography. Surely there are a lot of places you can go around in Mumbai for photography and /or photo shoots but there’s nothing quite like the graffiti walls. There aren’t many places in Mumbai where you find the perfect graffiti walls. In this blog I’ll be sharing the places I know of and have been to.


Lokhandwala,  Back Road

There is an entire stretch of a wall in Lokhandwala on the back road with different sorts of wall art and graffiti. Lot’s of bloggers and photographers  visit that stretch of a wall and get some really great pictures.


Above: An impersonation of Van Gogh’s very famous Starry Sky in the form of graffiti


Bandra, Chimbai                                                                                                                                    Lost in the middle of oh so many lanes of Bandra are the graffiti walls in Chimbai. The work on these walls is somewhat peculiar in an attractive way. Sounds weird, eh? Take a look yourself.


Above: Images of the graffiti walls in  Chimbai.

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