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Camping Trip: Pawna Lake

Ever wanted to go for a camping trip with the the ideal surrounding of a lake view and a beautiful sunrise and sunset, and before you doze off to sleep the only thing you see when you look up at the sky are the gazillion stars staring back at you? I’ve got you covered! Pawna Lake is one of the most serene places in India  to set a camp at.  Located at a two hour drive from  Mumbai, it completes the expectations of people for a perfect camp set up.


There are organizations who hold camps of a lot of people together coming from different places but, I advise setting up your own camp away from the organisation camp setups . Having a camp of your own makes you feel like you have the entire lake to yourself which is a big plus point. You get to enjoy the experience completely  with your loved ones. There are planned itineraries from the organisations holding different sorts of programs and events within the camp.

Speaking from personal experience, this is how me and my buddies planned the entire trip. Since we were setting up our own camp, we had to make arrangements for the tents and for food throughout the day and night. We had to arrange a vehicle for transportation since we didn’t own one, we rented a car. If you do own a vehicle, well,  then you’re all set. We left for the place around  4 in the evening, since we planned a short trip. It was a  2 hour drive from Mumbai to Pawna. Reached by sunset, and as soon as the sun had set, we set up our tents. Once you’re done setting up your camp, all there’s left to do is take in the beauty of it all.


Pawna Lake is one of the best places near Mumbai for a camping trip. The best time to visit the lake is between February-May or October-December.

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